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Sora/Yuffie: 009 Cheat

Title: Havana Banana
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts 
Characters: Sora, Yuffie, Leon, Aerith, Merlin
Prompt: 009 Cheat
Word Count: 517
Rating: R (or PG-13 maybe)
Summary: Every force has its equal and opposite. Yuffie is a force to be reckoned with. On the other hand, she sucks at playing cards.

There are many things Yuffie Kisaragi is good at.  With a ninja sword in her hand she’s as powerful as your normal above-average force of nature, akin to a tsunami or a moderate earthquake.  However, each and every force has an equal and opposite, and Yuffie is no exception.  As strong and powerful and talented she is with a blade and even without, she is equally terrible at something else.  That something else is, luckily, not a skill essential to survival, because Yuffie is so truly awful that she would have died long ago if that were the case.  But when Leon smiles smugly for the fifty-third time that evening and scoops the assorted coins into his bulging pockets, Yuffie really hates the fact that she sucks at playing cards.


She could send Leon packing, of course, and she will.  The dark-haired man has had enough whiskey for Yuffie to be able to send him off to Cid’s bed without too much persuasion.  Then she’ll need to get rid of Aerith and Merlin.  Aerith is simple: all Yuffie needs to do is prop the inebriated woman up and point her in the direction of Leon and Cid.  Merlin is no more difficult, although a little embarrassing.  With her usual lack of tact Yuffie will say something so explicit about what she’s planning to do to Sora that it crosses the line from suggestion to verbal pornography.  The wizard will blush bright red – as will Sora, because Yuffie doesn’t whisper, ever – and make a hasty exit.  He’ll probably drown his embarrassment in the pub and refuse to remain in the same room as Yuffie and Sora for weeks, but Yuffie doesn’t care right now.


“The coast is clear,” Yuffie says wickedly, and decides that she may have had a little too much to drink when she cackles insanely.  “Deal the cards, Keyblade boy.”


There are many variations of the game ‘Cheat’.  It’s known as Cheat, Bullshit, and Havana Banana (Yuffie has no idea why Sora calls it that and doesn’t really want to know), but the principle is exactly the same.  It’s Yuffie’s favourite card game, and not just because it’s the only one she’s actually good at.


It’s easy to distract Sora so he makes a mistake.  Yuffie doesn’t matter with the cutesy business of teasing him with her foot under the table; it’s much simpler, effective and enjoyable to straddle him and whisper things in his ear that make him turn redder than a tomato.  She’s not cheating, because she can’t see his cards, but Sora can never think straight with Yuffie’s legs entwined around his waist and her breath hot on his ear.


Today, though, Sora has decided that it’s time to turn the tables on her.  He normally does his best to ignore Yuffie – never succeeding – and focuses on his cards and doesn’t retaliate.  But this time, when it’s Yuffie’s turn, Sora puts his cards down on the table and glides his hands under her shirt and caresses her breasts, and Yuffie drops her cards.


“You cheat,” she mutters as Sora nips her neck.

Tags: 100situations, kingdom hearts, sora/yuffie
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