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7_virtues: Chastity

June 21st, 2008 (12:28 pm)

Title: Enjoying Safety
Prompt: Humility
Fandom: Abhorsen Trilogy
Characters: Sabriel, Mogget, Kerrigor
Word Count: 508
Rating: PG
Summary: Touchstone's nobility puts Sabriel in danger from Free Magic sorcerors.
Table: http://airelement.livejournal.com/92084.html

It was something Sabriel often wondered.  Why had Kerrigor, one of the Greater Dead and therefore not supposed to feel any living emotions such as passion or lust, kissed her?


“Did he just want to cement his victory over the Abhorsens?” she asked out loud.  Mogget was curled up on the rug in front of the fire, supremely unconcerned with Sabriel’s curiosity.  “Mogget.  Answer me,” she commanded.  The little white cat sighed, stretched languorously and turned its back on her.


“No,” he responded.  Sabriel glared at his back, wishing for a moment that she could unbind and destroy him.  Since he had become bound by Ranna rather than Saraneth, he had become even more uncooperative than before, as well as being prone to falling asleep only when he wished to.


“Then why?” Sabriel asked.  She forced herself to stay calm.  Wringing Mogget’s neck would not help anyone, and then she would never get any answers from him.


“Fine, fine.  I could think so much better if I had a fish, or maybe a skylark, or both, but…” Mogget trailed off, feeling Sabriel’s steely gaze burn two holes in his fur.    “So no fish… fine.  There is an old Free Magic spell he wished to use and you, being Abhorsen, were the most suitable candidate.  Happy?”


“What Free Magic spell?” Sabriel asked.  If a cat could shrug, Mogget certainly would have.


“I don’t know the name or how to cast it, Abhorsen.  I’m not a servant of the Dead, you know.  I haven’t picked up much knowledge of Free Magic,” he mewed.  “Of course, if you removed my collar I could learn so much easier… well, it was worth a try.”


“I don’t want to know how to cast it, Mogget,” Sabriel growled.


“Very well.  The spell was once popular among necromancers as it allowed them to gain another’s powers, although in recent years Kerrigor forbade his followers from using it.  Anyhow, if a Free Magic sorceror marries a virginal Charter Mage and sacrifices her in a rather unpleasant ritual, he can subjugate her will and take on her abilities for himself.”


“Kerrigor wanted to marry me?” Sabriel asked in revulsion.  “But how would he know if…” She trailed off.  Why was she discussing her sex life with a cat?


“Don’t forget he knew his foolishly noble brother better than anyone else.  I’m sure it was fairly obvious to him that dear Touchstone would do nothing to compromise your honour before he married you,” Mogget said, smirking.  Sabriel glared at him.


“You say that as if it’s a bad thing,” she said crossly.


“Seeing as there are a whole load of necromancers out to get revenge on you and end the line of Abhorsens, it’s fairly stupid,” Mogget pointed out.  Sabriel glared at him again and stalked out of the room.


Maybe Mogget was right.  Maybe it was a bit stupid to put traditional values over staying alive.  Maybe she should tell Touchstone what Mogget had told her.


After all, it wasn’t like she wouldn’t enjoy ensuring her safety.